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Physical therapy is a non-invasive approach of medicine.  A physical therapist performs and evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of physical ailments to manage and restore normal movement and function.  We believe that hands-on techniques, therapeutic exercise, and education are fundamental to each patient’s treatment session.

The physical therapist degree started out as a Bachelor’s level four year degree. Now, most schools have Doctorate Programs, requiring a total of 3 years of graduate school. Our therapists are all licensed through the state of Montana. They also hold additional certifications, including Orthopedic Certified Specialists, Vestibular Specialists, TMJ and Cervical Specialist, Certified McKenzie Therapists and Athletic Training. See each therapists profile under the staff navigation button for details on their education and training.

Your first visit is an initial evaluation. The physical therapist will speak with you about previous medical history, your current condition, and what your goals for therapy are. You will receive your first treatment and instruction in appropriate exercises for your diagnosis. This appointment is usually a little longer than return visits, taking up to 60-75 minutes. We want to make sure we are very thorough in our evaluation and get you started on the right path to recovery.

Each person and problem is different. The physical therapist will perform and evaluation on you the first day and make an educated plan that included how long you will need physical therapy. We will constantly keep you involved with this plan, as it may change if you get better quicker or need a little more time to restore your full function. Our aim is to rehabilitate you to your maximum function in a reasonable amount of time to reach your personal goal.

Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing or bring a change of clothes with you. If you are coming in for a hip, knee or ankle injury, please wear or bring shorts. We do have a limited number of shorts and gowns available for your convenience as well.

Appointment times are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour, but can vary depending on the extent of your injury/problem. The first visit is usually longer, up to 60-75 minutes as we do a full evaluation and begin treatment the same day.

In the state of Montana, people are allowed to be treated by a physical therapist without a doctor’s prescription. However, check with your insurance provider as your plan may not reimburse for physical therapy services without seeing your physician first.

Each insurance plan is different. Most insurance plans have specific guidelines as to how much they will pay for physical therapy services. Please reference your insurance handbook or call your insurance company to check your benefits.

This depends on the contract and plan that you have with your insurance company. If you are unsure of the details of your plan, please give your insurance company a call. We are required by the insurance companies to collect the co-pay at the time of service.

We accept and are preferred providers for most major health insurances including but not limited to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Allegiance, Aetna, Cigna, Assurant and Veteran’s Administration benefits. We are currently out of network with United Healthcare and Tricare, but will process these claims.  We also accept patients with Worker’s Compensation claims, Auto injury cases and Legal cases. Please call us if you would like to verify if we accept your particular insurance.

For self pay visits, we require payment at time of service.  We will work with you to set up a monthly payment plan that is feasible for you if requested. We understand that sometimes these expenses are unplanned. We will work closely with you to tailor your treatment plan if you need to limit your number of visits to our clinic. Please communicate your needs to our office staff at your first appointment.

After the therapist completes your treatment visit, they will enter the visit charges into our computer system. We then submit claims to the insurance companies on your behalf.  Our office sends you statements monthly with any balance owed. Please contact Jennifer Reynolds, Practice Manager should you have any questions about claims processing or your account balance.